Clean and Degrease with Power of Foam

The Power of Foam is a division of Dakota Ag Innovations and was created out of necessity and demand from our customers to thoroughly clean and degrease equipment and machinery prior to the application of Dakota Ag Innovations’ flagship product, Dakota Shine.  The Power of Foam product line has and will continue to expand to meet the demands of our customers.  We strive to create effective and affordable products and applications that work, yet are safe for the user and the environment.  Proven products by a proven company- This is the Power of Foam.

Remove Cement with Cement Remover HD

Cement Remover HD Super Concentrate is a product developed under DAI’s Power of Foam Division as a safe and effective pre-soak to soften and help remove cement, slurry, lime, and scale buildup.  It is fast acting and can be applied through a standard garden/weed sprayer.  It will not harm glass or paint.

Fix Faded Paint with Dakota Shine

Dakota AG Innovations has been extremely successful with its’ two key products – Prep & Shine. These two products are being marketed all around the world.

Dakota Shine is a unique and patented product that will restore the color, lustre and value to faded and oxidized surfaces like paint, decals, plastics and more. Dakota Shine is a ready-to-use product that requires no mixing. There is no product to waste or dispose of, simply pour any leftover product back into the container.

Dakota Prep is a water-based and biodegradable cleaner that will remove wax buildup, grease, oxidation and grime from a variety of surfaces. Dakota Prep must be used to prepare surfaces before the application of Dakota Shine.

What is Power of Foam?

Power of Foam is a family of time-saving foam cleaning and degreasing formulations and equipment that make it easy to soften heavy buildup on your equipment, machinery, or vehicles with minimal effort.

What is Dakota Wash HD?

A user-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, and heavy-foaming cleaner and degreaser.  Dakota Wash HD is available in both Concentrate and Super Concentrate dependent upon application method.

Avoid using on polished aluminum.  Dakota Wash HD will dull the polished appearance.


Do I need to avoid any kind of surface when using Dakota Wash HD?

Dakota Wash HD is NOT recommended on polished aluminum (it will dull the polished appearance).  Dakota Wash HD (Super Concentrate) is formulated to soften buildup on all surfaces, including engine compartments, safely and effectively. It will not harm the coating, the surface, electrical connections, or hydraulic hoses when used as directed.

Once the foam has been applied, how long should I wait before rinsing?

You should allow sufficient dwell time for the Dakota Wash HD foam to soften tough buildup on the surface. 1-2 minutes is all that is required for light buildup.  Depending on the severity, the process may need to be repeated.

Should I be concerned about the personal and environmental effects of applying Dakota Wash HD foam?

No, when applied as directed, the diluted, ag-powered Dakota Wash HD is user-friendly, biodegradable, and environmentally safe. (As is common with most super concentrated formulations out there, we recommend taking certain precautions when handling the undiluted, Super Concentrate to avoid release to the environment and possible skin or eye irritation.)

Will the product freeze?

Yes, Dakota Wash HD Super Concentrate is a water base and will freeze. We recommend storing the Power Cannon attachment and Dakota Wash HD Super Concentrate above freezing temperatures.  For best results, apply the product in temperatures above 50oF (10oC).

How do I apply Cement Remover HD?

Cement Remover HD is an effective pre-soak used to soften and help remove the build-up of cement, slurry, lime, and scale and can be applied through a standard garden/weed sprayer.

Is Cement Remover HD safe-to-use on all surfaces?

Yes, it is safe-to-use on most surfaces when used as directed.  It will not harm glass or paint.

What is Cement Remover HD Super Concentrate?

Cement Remover HD Super Concentrate is a product developed under DAI’s Power of Foam Division as a safe and effective pre-soak to soften and help remove cement, slurry, lime, and scale buildup.  It is fast acting and can be applied through a standard garden/weed sprayer.  It will not harm glass or paint.

Is Cement Remover HD safe-to-use?

Yes, Cement Remover HD is user-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable when used as directed.

What is Dakota Shine?

Dakota Shine is a 2-Step process (Prep and Shine) and is a unique and patented product that will restore the color, lustre, and value to faded and oxidized surfaces like paint, decals, plastics and more.

Is Dakota Shine a clear-coat or a wax?

Absolutely not! Dakota Shine is BETTER than a clear-coat or wax and is designed to penetrate/absorb into the surface and restore the faded & oxidized pigments back to their original color.  Dakota Shine will not burn, flake or scratch off (unless it has been applied too thick).

A simple test is to put a piece of scotch tape to the surface that you are going to apply Dakota Shine, apply Dakota Shine and remove tape.  If applied correctly, you should not be able to feel where the tape was.

What type of surface does Dakota Shine work on?

Dakota Shine can be used on any painted surface, decals, plastics and some rubber components, as long as there is pigment still remaining within the surface/material.

What colors does Dakota Shine work best on?

Dakota Shine works on all colors except pure white.

Does Dakota Shine have any adverse effect on machine decals?

No negative effects.  Dakota Shine will revitalize the appearance of the machine decals to a LIKE-NEW appearance as it does to the machine surface.

Can I spot (touch-up) paint areas before applying Dakota Shine?

Yes.  After you Prep the surface, you can spot paint the scratches or damaged spots using OEM paint.  Dakota Shine must be applied before the paint dries.

What temperature should Dakota Shine be applied at?

For best results, it is recommended that the temperature of the surface of the equipment be 70° F or above at the time of the application.

Do I need to mask anything off prior to applying Dakota Shine?

ONLY plexiglass.  Plexiglass must be masked off because lacquer thinner can damage the surface.  Dakota Shine can be applied on all other surfaces.  Over-spray can be removed with lacquer thinner and a cotton cloth on all surface EXCEPT plexiglass.  Dakota shine will not harm chrome cylinders, lights or gauges; no cleanup is necessary on these surfaces.

Will Dakota Shine run along the surface?

Yes.  If Dakota Shine is applied like a paint (i.e. as a coating), it may run and will not provide the proper results.  Apply Dakota Shine in a thin and even pattern.

How long does the restored finish last?

The restored color and luster should last as long a the original surface did – in comparable conditions.

Do I need any special skills to apply Dakota Shine?

Absolutely not!  All you need is some common-sense and the willingness to use a new and exciting product.  The application is very simple.

Can Dakota Shine be applied with a hand or weed sprayer?

NO.  Do NOT apply Dakota Shine with a hand or weed sprayer.  Do NOT wipe product onto the surface.  Only apply Dakota Shine with a paint gun or directly from the aerosol can.

Should I wear a respirator when applying Dakota Shine?

It is recommended.  If applying a large amount of Dakota Shine on a consistent basis, a respirator is necessary.  If applying a small amount of Dakota Shine, use your best judgement.

How much surface area does 1 Gallon of Dakota Shine cover?

If applied correctly, Dakota Sine will cover approximately 400 square feet of surface area, which is equivalent to 4 or more medium sized pickups or 2 to 3 medium-sized tractors.

Does Dakota Shine have to be applied in a paint booth?

No. Dakota Shine needs to be applied in a controlled environment.  A wash bay, an isolated service bay or a paint booth could be utilized to apply Dakota Shine.  It could be Outside on a warm (65° – 85°F), calm day on an asphalt/concrete lot, but it is not recommended.

Will applying Dakota Shine in a paint booth affect or harm the booth?

No.  None of the ingredients in Dakota Shine will affect or harm a paint booth.

Can Dakota Shine be applied more than once?

Yes. The process is designed to restore the original color, but the surface will begin fading and oxidizing naturally due to the sun. So, you could apply Dakota Shine as part of a yearly maintenance program to keep your surfaces looking like new, or just apply once.  Remember, that there must be good pigments remaining under the faded and oxidized pigments to complete our process, if the surface is completely oxidized through, then you must repaint.

What kind of Return on Investment (ROI) does the Dakota Shine process provide?

Dakota Shine is a true value-added product, averaging 10% or higher within the auction industry.  When compared to purchasing directly from DAI, the margin is 30% to sales for end users.

What is the shelf-life of Dakota Shine?

If the cap is kept tightly closed, there is no shelf life for Dakota Shine.

Are there any disposal issues with Dakota Shine?

No. Any remaining Dakota Shine can be poured back into the container to be reused at a later date.

Can the Dakota Shine product be shipped by air-freight?

No, the Dakota Shine product is considered hazardous due to the chemical make-up and the aerosol can of Dakota Shine cannot be shipped by air-freight.

Is Dakota Shine considered hazardous?

Technically, Yes.  Dakota Shine carries a “2” on the NFPA flammability rating but will burn like lamp oil.  So take precautions when using or shipping the product.

Does Dakota Shine have to be mixed?

No. Dakota Shine is a ready-to-use product, no mixing required.

Are there any safety issues with Dakota Shine?

Similar to automotive or OEM machinery paint, we would recommend that you wear a mask when applying Dakota Shine, especially if you are applying large amounts of Dakota Shine on a consistent basis.

What do you use to clean the paint gun?

Lacquer Thinner.  Use a basic lacquer thinner to wash out the paint gun, and spray a small amount of lacquer thinner through the nozzle to remove any excess Dakota Shine in the ports.